Cartoon Image Michael Murdoch
Michael Murdoch, Founder, CEO 

I was working as a SIEM support [cybersecurity] and had gotten furloughed along with most of the rest of the [NY] city in early 2020. I have a unique perspective on things since I'm one of the few analysts as at home with Shakespeare as SHA256 hashes. I'm a big picture thinker who can drill down - and that's rare. 

I've found as our communication systems have become more complex, our
ability to communicate has declined. We need scientific and technical communicators able to break down and convey complex concepts in simple terms. I view all problems as ultimately human problems. All problems are people problems. The field needs that. The world needs that. 

There's a haunting passage from the Introduction of one of my favorite books, Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark that I'm reminded of from an Inglulik Inuit prose poem that I think
encapsulates my feelings.


Two men came to a hole in the sky.

One asked the other to lift him up...

But so beautiful was it in heaven that

the man who looked in over the edge

forgot everything, forgot his companion

whom he had promised to help up

and simply ran off into all the

splendor of heaven.